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Prologue Description:
Welcome to The ALTRVERSE! In this debut issue, dive in with two full-length stories featuring the creations of  Sean "JackSepticEye" McLoughlin.

First, in Void Silver #0:
Magic exists alongside science and technology, and its practitioners dwell in every strata of modern society. Exceptional even among these exceptional individuals is the preternaturally gifted…the iconoclastic…the sarcastic and short-tempered…Marvin the Magnificent!

Then, jump right into the world of The Somewhat Incredible Jackie-Boy Man!

A long time ago, in a galax--no, wait. Gifted with Great Power and Great Respon--nope. Not that either. After a lifetime of fandom and fantasy, Jackie was caught in a strange, cosmic cock-up that gave him amazing powers! …Or at least, ‘fairly impressive physical abilities’? Now, inspired by the kinds of heroes from his favorite comics, anime, and video games, he’s trying to be a real-life super hero in an otherwise ordinary world, as the somewhat incredible JACKIE-BOY MAN!


Written by James Asmus and Alejandro Arbona
Art by Suzi Blake, Connie Daidone, and Austin Baechle
Colors by Andrew Dalhouse and Megan Huang
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Main Cover by KANO
48 Pages


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