GodSlap Issue 05 - DIGITAL

GodSlap Issue 05 - DIGITAL

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After fleeing from Defister and his army of goons, Aius Bruan, Cyann Renault and the enigmatic Noon entered the wasteland known as the Miasma. The desert soon proved to be as dangerous as its reputation, with our crew beset by monsters, tornadoes, and a treacherous landscape. Separated from Cyann and Noon in a dust storm, Aius and his strange benefactor Graft have formed an uneasy alliance, trekking across the Miasma in hopes of finding refuge and safety. But there’s more to Graft than Aius suspects…

Meanwhile, Cyann and Noon make short work of a gang of reavers, tracking Aius to Graft’s cave and alerting Noon to the greater danger that lies ahead.

Written by Aubrey Sitterson, Charlie White and Jackson Clarke
Art and Cover by Ricardo Jaime
Letters by Troy Peteri

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