Plague Seeker Issue #01 - COVER B

Plague Seeker Issue #01 - COVER B

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In the far future, humankind is on the brink of extinction. A thousand years after an apocalypse level event known as the Calamity, only small pockets of rough civilization exist. Ruling over Earth are a new race of monstrous beings — The Great Plagues. 

Following the prelude story from Plague Seeker #0, we join Silas and the Plague Seeker on a journey across the desolate wasteland to hunt the brutal Butcher of Blüdworth. Silas feels unprepared for the fight ahead, and grapples with the weight of the Seekers motivation for hunting and killing the Plagues. Join the hunt with this special 80 page first issue from Charlie “MoistCritikal” White and Jackson Clarke, with stunning art from rising star artist Vamkire Trannel.

This special issue includes an original bonus prose story from Hugo Award nominee David Wellington (Marvel Zomnibus) with illustrations by John Bivens (Devil's Red Bride) and the prelude story from the sold out Plague Seeker #0.

Story by Charlie White & Jackson Clarke

Art by Vamkire C. Trannel

Cover B by Brett Weldele

Letters by Dave Sharpe



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